Marie Fleming’s partner ‘shocked’ O’Rorke put on trial

by jimmykeogh30

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Right- to-die campaigner Tom Curran has said the trial of Gail O’Rorke for assisting the suicide of her friend should never have taken place.

Mr Curran was one of a large number of people present throughout the eight-day trial which found Ms O’Rorke not guilty of trying to help MS sufferer Bernadette Forde end her life by travelling to a euthanasia clinic in Switzerland.

Mr Curran’s partner Marie Fleming, also an MS sufferer, took a case to the Supreme Court in 2013, challenging the ban on assisted suicide. The Supreme Court found against her but said that the DPP may use “discretion” in prosecuting such cases. Ms Fleming passed away in December 2013.

Mr Curran said Ms O’Rorke should never have found herself in court: “Guilty or not guilty, this trial should never have taken place considering what the Supreme Court judge said about using the same discretion that they use in the UK.”

He said he was shocked the Director of Public Prosecutions brought charges against Ms O’Rorke. “Considering the fact that Marie had gone to the trouble of challenging the constitutionality of the law, to protect me, not to protect her.

“Quite recently, 53% of people said they would help a loved one to die. That’s 53% of the people who would be prepared to break this law and that says there is something very definitely wrong with this law.”

He said Ms Forde was a very strong woman. “She got what she wanted just like Marie got what she wanted. She had a peaceful death and we’ll leave them both in peace.” He said Ms O’Rorke was “very relieved” and “very emotional” following the verdict.

Ms O’Rorke didn’t speak publicly afterwards but released a statement welcoming the “hoped-for verdict”.